. What should to do after chemotherapy of 6 month to not reveres of blood cancer (ALL)?

.My 2.5yrs son has taken chemotherapy of 6 month for ALL Now what to do to don’t reverse & for always cure from this deases (ALL) , Auer Vedic treatment will be help us or not if yes than how we can idea on Auer Vedic treatment to permanently cure from this problem. If yes please agree to me know of Auer Vedic Doctor
or their website

noone can give you that gurantee,you hold to be careful of yourself,and do regular checkups and other have a close doctor you could parley to whenever you need to ask something. don't be in motion back to outmoded habits and stuffs,you inevitability to take accurate care of yourself.
I don't really know that that type of treatment will preserve it from coming back. I don't know that you can prevent the treatment from ALL from 'reversing'. It is somewhat genetic. Also the current examination can only see the cell once there is a reliable amount. All you can really do is make sure he have all his check up test on time.

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