Rash ON Arms & Chest?

i have a really irritating impulsive on my chest and arms and it is spreading, i had a really unpromising headache yesterday and is still here today as well, my cheeks are also burning, could this be serious should i move about to the doctors??

Going to the doctor is a very apt idea. Even though I can't communicate you what it is because of course, I cannot see it... I would vote apply some aloe or cortisone, try your hardest not to itch, and get to the doctor as soon as possible. You could fundamentally well be contagious and you should try to hold on to as much distance between yourself and other people as humanly possible!
Itching can be cause by insect bites like mosquito bites, steam rashes or allergic reaction.Aloe vera gel , apple cider vinegar or vitamin E oil can be effectively used on the artificial skin. More cheap and natural remedies for itching at http://www.wellnesstalk.org/itching.html...
Might be some benign of food poising,or maybe a hypersensitivity to something you just ate.Could be anything from the soap your using to what your drinking.If it gets worse after yes i would see a doctor.
Please dont use cortisone, I never trusted it. You are going to need to see a doc who might dispatch you to an alergist.
You can try using Aloe to sooth the itching, also try something like Repcillin, if it is a microbes or fungal infection Repcillin would be able to back you.

See a doc!

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