Allergic Reaction to Tape?

I think I be having an allergic hypersensitivity to the post surgery tape they used surrounded by combination with my stitches. I enjoy red bumps and it was raw itchy... to the point where I have to rip it off... What is contained by tape that can exact the reaction. I enjoy never been allergic to anything. I do turn to the doctor today... but has anyone have a reaction approaching this before?

Latex! Latex allergies may go on suddenly. My students once wrapped a student "victim" up in sports-medicine cartridge without checking for latex content, and I have to take the "victim" to a hospital, where on earth she became a definite victim. Latex allergies may start as mild symptoms, afterwards progress without instructive to anaphylaxis, which is life-threatening. Please tell your healthcare providers, co-workers, college nurse, etc. that you probably have a latex allergy.
If you hold a reaction to latex, especially, this is really possible.
you might alergic to the 'glue', its chemical anyway..
[personally? no, i've not have such a reaction. at smallest not yet.]

BUT. at any age, at any time,
one can develop allergies.

I enjoy had trustworthy food allergies develop after eating impossible to tell apart thing for years. I become allergic to a medication after using it before. It sounds to me that you terribly well could be allergic to LATEX. You'll know soon plenty, if you keep touching such things.

Sorry, I know how you have a feeling. God bless.
I'm not sure if this is in surgical tape- but you might be react to Latex, which is used in profusely of plastics and medical supplies.
My mom has an allergy to cassette that the hospital uses.When you go to the dr today permit them know as they have special cartridge for people who are allergic.If the itching stopped after you removed the cartridge then it be probaly the tape.Good luck and I hope you have a feeling better soon :)
Possible you are allergic to that particular cassette. You can try different types so you know which ones you are allergic to. Sometimes, it's not allergy, it's the way the type is place and stretches the skin. But your doctor would know how to differentiate that.
Well i know for sure there is such repercussion because my grandmother is allergic to it. It said it on the white board in her hospital room. She said they tape the , whatever it be , and she started to break out.

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