AAAHHH! I hold migraines every two weeks very soon. It is ruining my duration?

I've been have bad migraines that final 2-3 days, twice a month for the last few months. There is no course to prevent them, you can only treat them after they've started. The prescription that I use makes me plummet asleep for a good 8 hours.

The problem is, I've be taking a lot of sick time from work because of it. There is no process I can work while sleeping or in extreme aching. I feel trapped and am afraid of person fired. I'm so scared! How can I even hold a job when this is going on?

And I've already tried Imitrex injections and pills, Relpax, Micquin and several others. This medicine is the lone one that gets rid of the migraine.

I don't denote to be personal or offensive but when is the final time you moved your bowels ?

Do you have regular bowel movements ? How much hose are you drinking per day ?

If you get through 2 meals a afternoon, then you should own 2-3 bowel movements per day.

If you put away 3 meals per morning, then you should enjoy 3-4 bowel movements per day.

Anything smaller quantity than this is constipation and will contribute to an increasing toxic load surrounded by your bloodstream.

Toxins in the blood circulating throughout the body could rationale many disease symptoms including and especially migraine headache.

A lack of marine will also do it. 8 - 10 glasses per sunshine 20 minutes before or 2 hours after drinking will help minimize disorientation and headache symptoms. The body is about 65% -75% sea.

Try these simple treatments first and see if you don't get results.

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wow. you should really procure checked out, it sounds really serious
You cannot be fired for a documented medical condition. There are other medicines. IF you own only see one doctor, then you have need of to get another inference -- and not from another doctor in equal practice.
Have you asked your doctor if an MRI or CT scan is in directive? It could be that your neck or spinal discs are not surrounded by great condition.
Have you looked at dietary triggers or allergies?

Sometimes certain foods or drinks can bring terrible migraines. Coffee and chocolate are big culprits. Try checking online and doing some research on migraine triggers.

Certain foods or drinks
Certain restrained patterns (like those from cartoon, or glaring sunlight)
Certain medications

Sometimes even smells can trigger them! Maybe try keeping a diary, and video recording what you were doing, what you ate etc., every time you enjoy one. This way possibly you can find a common trigger that could be the culprit.

Good luck :) Hope you quality better soon!
Go to a chriopractor. I had migranes and meds didn't come across to do the trick. My neck and spine be out of line. After a few days of treatment my migranes started to disapear. I travel once a month just to save in dash. I haven't suffered from a migrane sense I have be doing this. (7 years)
you have to check your eye verbs you may need to wear eye specs, as this may cause migran,
also, if you hold constipation it could be a cause for migran
The point you are probably having headache is because you are either worried something like something or you are stressing out over an issue. Just relax and calm down. Take sooner or later at a time.
Don't always rely on tablets... It's not good...
First of adjectives, you should take a break... Manage your stress... It's crucial... Coz, migrain play within your head.

Then, check your atmosphere.. both, home and work station..
You call for fresh air... Cool... You also entail to avoid direct sunlight.. Humid surrounding is preferable.

Check on your diet... No caffein plz.. So, don't go for Starbucks... No carbonated drinks.. Less saline and fat... No more McDonalds.. No cigarettes... No alcoholic drinks...
I grain you too... I used to get extreme migranes at least possible once a week every week a couple years ago... Are you stressed?? That was what triggered my excessive migranes... Just preserve relaxed and maybe even stop worrying if thats what you are doing... Excedrin works but it thins out your blood... And I dont know how religious you are, but after I couldnt do ANYTHING to prevent it, adjectives I had vanished was prayer that it would budge away and not control my life the agency it was doing... Other than that. Get lots of rest, drink lots of WATER, guzzle right, and hopefully that will reduce the probability of getting those ever so frequent migranes. You'll be alright boo.
you need to find the trigger for them thats how i help mine, watch for what things you guzzle or drink or whatever your doing since the migrianes come on, and if your able to numeral what it is out try and stay away from it. My migraine triggure is bananas, lavender and the pill lol (hormone change)
sorry if this is no help, but it help me so you might as well administer it a try
There's a new nouns in migraine psychotherapy:

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