A interview something like Rabies?

My friend's dog licked my arm, although I don't own any wounds around that area, And my friend assured me that the dog be vaccinated, I'm still not assured. The incident happen 2 hours ago.

What are the symptoms I should look out for? Symptoms where the rabies vaccine is needed? Can rabies be detected through a blood testing?

Rabies cannot be detected through blood testing, the carrying out tests can only be done postmortem, on brain tissue.

There is without doubt no way you can win rabies in incident you described. Also, if you live contained by the US, there is intensely little chance of a domestic animal have rabies. Check out the charts in the connection below.

Rabies progresses rapidly within animals, unlike humans. If this dog is still alive in a month, you can rest assured that it didn't own it. But again, the animal would have to break the skin to infect you anyway.
You individual have to verbs if the dog bite you and broke the skin. If you are really worried about rabies move to Hawaii near are no rabies at all nearby. So don't panic in the region of it, but if you are worried ask the vet where your friend take his dog.
you can detect if an animal has rabbis if they enjoy white things around their mouth, if the dog had that after sorry bud, but only if he bit you would you get hold of it
The dog licked your arm, don't verbs, if he had rabies, he would own torn your arm off.

Wash your arm and don't verbs, if the dog has rabies, he'd be going crazy, not licking folks.
Unless you have nonintact skin (cuts, abrasions) on your arm, you are reasonably safe even if the dog have rabies. If you want to read more about rabies, see http://www.mayoclinic.com/health/rabies/... Yes, contacting the dog's vet to see if the dog be vaccinated is an prospect; please be aware, however, that rabies vaccinations do not protect animals 100%. My warning? Stop worrying.
This dog isn't rabid and you don't have rabies. Get literary about it.
Rabies virus is present contained by the saliva of only infected dogs.Moreover licking on a intact skin can't transmit Rabies.Eventhen if you are afraid ,next you must watch the dog for 10 days .If the dog become rabid or dies or is not traceable within this extent only consequently you will be vaccinated. Symptoms of rabies is hydrophobia which can appear 9days to 9yr after the dog bite.Rabies can't be detected by a blood try-out.

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