Am I allergic?

Ok two questions...

1) I devise Im lactose intolerant? I always quality bad when I enjoy dairy products (especailly cheese) but ice cream, pudding, milkshakes, and SOME yogurt dont bother me really. I switched to lactaid and since ive be feeling a moment or two better.

2) Could I be allergic to MSG?? whenever I have chinese food I find really really sick. Or sometimes mexican or other foods. Its always duplicate symptoms. is it possible??

Hi Rachel, More people than you realize enjoy problems with dairy products, alot of culture don't even realize because they've never cut Dairy products out of their diet for any amount of time and just ponder this is how they should be feeling.

If you hold trouble drinking milk or eating dairy near are alternatives for getting the calcium, we don't need to enjoy dairy products.

MSG, wow, I can't say plenty about it. Should never be allowed within food, it's a chemical substance that is the ascendant cause of heaviness. MSG is an excitotoxin that causes citizens to eat more than they would if it be not in foods, that's why adjectives fast food contains MSG.

For more information on these foods please read http://www.livingwithrheumatoidarthritis...
I am contained by agreement with susandorey. You markedly sound resembling you have a problem near dairy. However, if your symptoms are excess gas, bloating and irritation after eating dairy - you're more feasible dairy intolerant. There are things you can take for that (over-the-counter) or you can restriction your dairly intake to once in a while.

On the other mitt, if after eating dairy, your muzzle starts producing excess mucous, or you wake up beside mucous in your trunk & mouth - you've got an allergy to dairy.

Going forward, I would avoid any Chinese take-out unless you can specify that you don't want MSG, and Mexican food should be avoided. The cleaniness horizontal of Mexican restaurants are not up to par with our standards, not to voice we're the best. But third world countries don't really think anything of putting dropped food from the floor final into the plate. Now that you're aware of your limitations, you can make the conscious choice of whether you're of a mind to put up with the discomforts/aftermaths of the food or avoid them altogether.

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