A mole subsequent to my mouth?

will they remove it on the NHS or will I have to compensate privately? how much does it cost? very self conscious in the order of it lately, and want it gone.

If a mole bleeds/gets knocked/catches, then the NHS should do it. Also if it changes/looks dodgy they will remove it for you. I shouldn't really influence this, but if you tell the doctor that you are other catching it/stabbing it with your fork etc , consequently they will do it for you . One word of caution..If it is a significant and very blatant mole, it is preferable to get a proper plastic surgeon to do it for you. The apology is that you won't get scare. A normal doctor/surgeon is comparatively capable of removing it, BUT their stitching is not so well-dressed. Plastic surgeons are especially trained, to do invisible/virtually invisible stitching. I had a huge gross mole removed next to my mouth. In my mind it looked similar to a witches mole, but when I had it removed, NOBODY notice. I had lived beside this facial mole for 49 years. I looked in the mirror every morning, and hated it. I wait all that time, and get it done only closing year. This means that what is hideous contained by YOUR eyes, other people simply don't even spot. I did go privately to own my ugly mole removed, because I looked-for a neat commission by a specialist plastic surgeon. I used my private health insurance, as I faithfully did have another 'dodgy' mole on my facade, which was done at like time. With the NHS, it is luck of the draw who you get, if I am honest. Good luck next to your decision. Sometimes it is worth sacrifice a couple of holidays to pay for it privately!
I have a mole removed six years ago- it was one of those lumpy ones at the bottom right corner of my mouth right subsequent to the lip. Went to see the dermatologist (I was seeing her already for my eczema) and she referred me to the surgeon dermatologist who removed it by burning it sour in slices (ewwww!) sounds revolting but didn't hurt as I have local anaesthetic. Scab took a while to heal but its gone in a minute and I have a by a hair`s breadth visible deformity from it.
Ask for a referral from your GP- you should be able to attain it on the NHS. They will biopsy the mole too to make sure it is non-cancerous (you merely get the results if in that is something wrong!)
I dont know about prices, but mull over of it as a beauty spot! Very 50's ;)
Many men grain moles near the mouth are attractive. Many women jump through the pain and expense of a "Marilyn" piercing (it resembles a mole) fundamental their mouth to achieve this effect. Please consider keeping your mole!
It is predictable this will class as an NHS procedure, ask your GP to refer you.

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