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I have acne and I dislike it. I bought Proactiv and used it for about a month and a week and it didn't work. My doctor in recent times now prescribed me Retin-A but I still own some proactiv left. What do u devise I should use the Retin-A or keep using the Proactiv? Please give a hand!!

you should use what your doctor gave you... duplicate thing happen to me... i was using proactive for almost 3 months it helped for a time but not really.. i then go to my doc and he gave me some stuff... it worked process better and now i hve close to almost no acne :).. he also told me proactive is crap!! :)

you should try washing ur obverse with spectro gel or what ever your doctor make available you Good Luck :)
Just use the Retin-A.
My wife had an outbreak of acne and go to a doctor. She was prescribed a cream but more importantly, she be prescribed anti-biotics for any internal infection. Her skin cleared up after that. Not overnight but it was deliberate the meds helped.
resourcefully if the proactive is not working consequently yous the other stuff
seiously, i had acne when i be 12 which was ultimate year and i used proactiv and it worked for me in thye first 2 weeks!! but sorry to right to be heard this, but you most have the really bleak type... which means you should do whatev ur doc say so use the Retin-A
why would you use proactiv if it doesn't work?
use the new prescription
Here's an all-natural remedy that worked for me & my frontage back within the day:

Take a few slices of fresh cucumber and jumble it in a blender until it's the consistency of chip dip salsa.
Spread a weaken layer of the cucumber stick on your face and consent to it sit there for awhile, I don`t know 15 minutes or so.
You can save any extra for a daytime or so in the refrigerator, of late remember to gently melt it up before applying it to your obverse.
Remove the goop and gently dry your obverse.
Do this a couple of times daily, you should consideration results fairly soon. If you don't . in good health, at least your facade will smell nice & fresh.
All the things you are using on your face own tons of chemicals in them. Look at the spinal column of your bottles and start doing some research. There's also a lot of alcohol within the products. If I were you, I would step to an all fluent health food store and buy a product that have done wonders for me by Aloe Life. It's in a green bottle and it is call The Ultimate Skin Treatment. It has adjectives natural products surrounded by it, I really think this will facilitate you!!
You can use both, but be careful - they will both fashion your skin very sensitive and irritated. And stay sheltered - you burn more easily on Retin-A.

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