^^^PLIZZ...Everyone..lend a hand me fathom out the motivation for this BREATHING problem? Im so awful :(. Is it the IBS?

I dont know why...but lately, i feel resembling im having a unyielding time to breath :(. Please..tell me something. What could it be? im solitary 20.

------ Can my IBS be the effect of it? have u hear something like that? I know its not -Astma...but what else?? i solidity 105. for the past month..this have been stirring. I cant even take a showe..cua i perceive like breathing soo weighty. (inside). Not in my proboscis. But inside my body. And my back hurts too..when i breath. Has something approaching this..happened to anyone?? or am i the solely one. At this age.

------Im soo scared. Can u comfort? :( Thank you so much.!!

Allergies. They can develop at anytime. all you obligation is an inhaler and you'll be okay. I'm sure thats what it is, considering its allergy season.
Sweetheart - you need to see a doctor. You may hold pneumonia or a different respiratory infection. What other symptoms do you have? Please email me if you want to speak privately. I'll do my best to help out you sort this out until you can see doctor.
Idk about IBS. IBS reallt isn't a material condition. If your stomach hurts alot, then some doctors that aren't too intelligent will basically say, "oh, it's IBS". Well, that's what stomach ache are. IBS is basically a stomach tenderness. So pretty much everyone has have IBS sometime in their lives. There is simple cures for that: detox, bismuth (pepto bismol), sublingual bowel relaxer, etc.

But stomach ache should NOT be affecting your breathing like you describe. It could be a serious condition. If it is complex to breathe, and as bad as you read out, you should get to a doctor right away, contained by case it is something serious, because if you lurk too long, and it IS something serious, it could be very bleak. So just progress to a doctor, just to be not detrimental.

Good luck ^^
why are you sure its not athsma? I do have asthma at can be impacted by digestive problems. Go see a doctor.

Are you sure it's not asthma because by your symptoms it sure sounds resembling it. Go see the doctor. I hope you feel better!
Dude! IBS is IRRITABLE BOWEL SYNDRONE, please progress to a doctor before the wrong sector of your body stops up for good.You really can't swot that much from us. You can't learn much from frenzy attacks. Don't be scared...lecture yourself, ask your doctor, ask for pamplets of info, look it up in a book somewhere and empower yourself.so that you won't be afraid anymore. A coward dies a thousand times, but a prudent person solely dies once!

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