(Diabetes)Does insulin kind you put on immensity and other drugs?

I have be a diabetic for about 15 years and own over the past few years started to increase my counterbalance,Would this be the insulin that is cause this problem?And i have only just recently read on the lattice that Monosodium Glutamate is a slow poison and it increases insulin in the body by three fold ,I also lift Ramapril for my blood pressure does this also cause weightiness gain,Can anybody help

People act in response to insulin in different ways, no two empire have like peas in a pod metabolic reactions to it. Some put on consignment, some lose weight, and some are neither up nor down near it.

From a personal standpoint, my mum is diabetic, on insulin and ramapril, and she has be putting on a little counterweight steadily. She has found increasing her exercise even a bit helps go together it out, but she only does this next to consultation with her diabetic nurses and doctor's give a hand.

It may be prudent to discuss this matter next to your doctor to see whether there is a course of commotion suitable for you.
My partner is diabetic and also takes ramapril and if anything the contrary has occured, she also take thyroxin for underactive thyroid.
I have be a diabetic for about fourteen years and I own had some solidity troubles. It could possibly be the changing of hormones. Or how you are react to doses of the insulin. It could also be the fact that you own become resistant of the that type of insulin also.
There are many different insulins, pork, beef, human, synthetic and adjectives different ways of taking them, oral, injecting and inhaling, as I don't know what you are taking then I can't answer. As a rough guide rosiglitazone is usually used contained by obese patients but I cannot remember if it can be taken with ramipril (it may do heart or liver problems.

Monosodium glutamate is a food additive largely found surrounded by take-aways and junk food.
If you clutch too much insulin, that could cause you to chomp through more, thus increasing your weight. But if you control how much insulin you appropriate, you should be fine.
Geberally insulin does not cause consignment gain.
I have be type 1 diabetic for 22 years, and was just told about 4 years ago that insulin can increase consignment gain ! I was advise to change my injection site recurrently. I also take Ramipril, but so far enjoy been told zilch whatsoever about it, I enjoy even had to ask my GP to check my blood pressure when I see him, they purely hand the pills out and move out you to it !!

I've gained like mad of weight over the recent past few years and would love to know of a good track to lose some of it lol.

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