What are some of the condition problems associated near undernutrition??

pleeease answer

failure of highest organs
dizzy spells
loss of electrolytes
heart attack
increased risk of seizures
heart palpitations
your stomach intake itself
Ok I was 96 lbs and presently I am 117 lbs. It took alot for me to get ancient (still working on it) the skinny persona. I feel more dash in common. I also starting getting meals at restaurants that be weight watchers, because they are cooked in good health and didn't get me tired from consumption. Ok.your teeth start to loosen, then the gums start corrosion. They don't come back any. I had 3 surgeries to hold my skin from the top of my mouth put on my receding gums. I had the yellowing of skin, and I have iron deficiency issues. I be put on prenatal vitamins at one point and was never pregnant. I wasn't anorexic or bulemic, but I have stigma attached to food because of my family. I would come home from work at 9 pm and I would be paid something to eat and they would hound me, read aloud things like "you're ingestion again?" even though it was the first time I be eating that afternoon. Anyway...I would get heart palpations, approaching mini heart attacks related to anxiety and not weighig enough. Once I moved out on my own, and could guzzle without comments, I gain 20 lbs surrounded by 4 months.

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