2 Month Old near Heart Murmur?

I just took my two month antediluvian son to the doctor yesterday for his checkup. She heard a heart murmur that she have not heard formerly and is sending us to a pediatric cardiologist. He has have poor weight gain contained by the past and we hold switched his formulas to a higher calorie formula and he seem to be gaining fine immediately (although we are going to go see a GI doctor also). I am so worried that I am not sleeping or drinking. What should I expect at the doctor and am I right to be concerned?

Did the doctor say what smooth of murmur it was? Most are functional and do not greatly affect competence of life.

And yes you should be concerned. All parents are concerned. It's middle-of-the-road and shows you love your baby.

You are doing the best you can do, getting him to the doctor to evaluate his requirements. Just pray and keep loving him.
since u r going to see a paediatric cardiologist he will verify and bring up to date u.,,,,many murmurs r innocent ones,,so u cant be sure ,,till he examines and confirms beside echo
I've have a Heart Murmur my entire life, and it hasn't have a effect on my Health whatsoever, I'm 52. My Dad also has a Heart Murmur and he is alive and resourcefully at 77.
Yea I know your worried, but you won't know anything until your doctor does an angiogram or echo-cardiogram on your baby. Hope everything is OK.
Heart murmurs themselves can be cause for various reason. Most of the time it is something that corrects itself over time, especially in babies. It may be that your doctor did not hear the murmur previously because it was so small.
Although it is probably nil to worry in the order of, it is always better to be on the nontoxic side and let the doctor examine him.
You enjoy every right to be concerned..
I don't think i would go and get any sleep either if God forbid I be told that about my son too.
perchance like other answers say aloud, hopefully it's just something temporarily and won't affect him within any way.
newly try to stay positive and pray to God that everything will be ok.

good luck.
Yes, I presume that you are right to be concerned. Heart defects are in reality the most common birth malfunction. Problems gaining counterweight are often associated beside heart defects. However, most defect are relatively minor. Many children are born with holes within the heart that close as they get elder without any medical intervention at adjectives. My daughter has a complex congenital heart irregularity that required surgery at birth and again at 4 months. I highly, notably doubt that your son has anything serious similar to that - you would have certain before this if he did. But it's upright that you are going to the cardiologist. It's also positive that he is gaining freight better now on the complex calorie formula.

When you visit the cardiologist, you can expect them to run a medical history. They will weigh and measure your son, filch his blood pressure, heart rate, and probably also his sats (oxygen saturations; measures the amount of oxygen present in the blood). They will listen to his heart. They will probably also do an echocardiogram, which is approaching an ultrasound of the heart. Since your son is so small you will probably get to hold him during this if you want to, or you can stand subsequent to the table with him. They will bring pictures of the heart from all different angles, to see if his heart have any structural abnormalities or any problems near blood flow. An echo is the best method to find out what's going on. I can't imagine not doing one, but if they don't you should emphatically ask for one.

I know how it feels to know that something may be wrong but not know what. The waiting is so unyielding. If you want to you're welcome to pop in the support board I belong to - http://boards.babycenter.com/n/pfx/forum... Good luck to you!
The natural point to do is worry and not a soul can stop you from doing this. Hopefully your little one has an "Innocent" heart murmer and will require nil further other than keeping a close eye on it through his energy. My 2 1/2 year old be born with a complex heart problem and have so far undergone two major heart surgeries. The doctors enjoy just be amazing and I'm sure whatever your little one have he will be well looked after. Best of luck, I am thinking of you and would similar to to know how your little one goes next to his checks.

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