I own a 4 year behind the times son who continuously get these cuts contained by the bend of his pinky toes.What is this?

It only occur in his pinky toes and it happen on both of his feet. Its on the backside of his toe surrounded by the bottom bend of it. It cracks open adjectives the time and bleeds. They're pretty big cracks. They heal up after a few days afterwards it seems when he's be outside playing (he wears shoes) he comes surrounded by crying and they're back.

OMG! (If this is not a fungal issue), I used to carry the exact same thing when I be a child. On both of my pinky toes, and they hurt like the dickens. What I found out is this, one; that nouns is super sensitive to sweat and two; the skin in that nouns is very runny and prone to dryness. The simple remedy...clean the foot before bedtime, and use a petroleum jelly base ointment (such as vaseline, A and D gel, or triple antibiotic ointment) not a cream based lotion. The petroluem jelly creats a moisture retention boom and nourishes the skin. Saturate the nouns very okay (his toes should feel nice and squishy when you're done) and put on white cotton socks to sleep within. You (or your child) should notice an instant difference in one to two days. I know from personal experience this works for those foul little pinky toe cracks. They make one get the impression as if their toes are going to fall rotten. Once the cracks heel, you can reduce the amount of salve you use nightly to a thin vein and do away with the socks.
I choice you well.
It sounds resembling it might be athlete's foot.
My son and I get those adjectives the time in the crack of my small toe. I find it happen when I don't put lotion on my feet. it is a moment ago too dry. but when i use lotion after I bathe, I don't procure them! Try it and let me know!
I'd hold to guess that they are dry. Try lotioning them and if that doesn't work, take him to a dermatologist.
first poster be right, it is athletes foot. it will clear up with special cream or lotion, you can procure it from any chemist. make sure his foot are dryed thoroughly to help avoid it returning.
I achieve cracks between my toes if I wear my work "rig" boots for too long or if I do not dry my feet properly after have a bath or shower.

I own found that making sure my feet don't draw from too damp (Sweat) and trying to save them as dry as possible is the best solution.

I do this by using a small amount of talcum powder between my toes and a light sprinkle over the foot before putting my boots shoes on help a great deal.
It's athletes foot. It's a fungal infection. When he wash his feet spawn sure he dries well between his toes. You can obtain an ointment to treat this. It's infectious.
It can be athlete's food..HOWEVER..every kid is different..that's why I believe your son is using the wrong shoe. It might be that he is eather using a cheap shoe or any concerned of shoe that makes his foot sweat. You need to also tang if he is using the right socks for his age..(nylon socks..cot tom socks)..finally try to put some feet lotion to hydrate them.
The two most probable diagnoses are eczema and fungus. You would need to see any your GP or Health Visitor to distinguish between the two.

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