Allergies urticaria?

I know someone who has these allergy(urticaria) for a while(for something like 4 months)and it doesn't wanna go away.She go to several dermatologists and took several medications,but still it doesn't turn away.Every morning She wakes up ,she have this urticaria.We don't even know the cause of it.Any view about what should we do?Or what might be the wreak of urticaria?

It could be dermatographism. The cause is unknown. There is no cure, but this is not a life-threatening condition.
What does her allergist vote? I assume she had allergy trialling done?

Most times the doctor can't figure out what the allergy is within a case resembling that..

I know someone who keeps have hives.. in her throat! She be on steroids and everything else.. allergy testing come back glum for everything.
Yes, it is possible to be allergic to the cold. In some people, cold temperature trigger the release into the skin of histamines and other chemicals made by the immune system. The cause isn't clear. But some individuals appear to have overly sensitive histamine-containing skin cell.

Signs and symptoms of a "cold allergy" — also called cold urticaria — include:

Skin glow
Hives (urticaria)

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