Allergic allergic reaction to alcohol?

after drinking alcohol recently my facade becomes really flushed and blotchy and I grasp really hot and I feel resembling I cant breathe. My pulse also speeds up

you should go to doctors and see if within is anything they can give you to prevent this as i expect you don't want to contribute up drinking!
This could possibly be a wheat allergy as wheat is used in making alot of alcohol. Try drinking ones that arent made next to wheat
dont drink alcohol then
my sister get the same problem, but its individual when she drinks vodka. its not uncommen for someone to be alergic to alcohol. your best bet is to see your GP but it sounds like you might be
capably the amount must b the prob..just quit
With a moderate amount of alcohol it is slightly likely that you will consistency flushed, hot and your pulse will speed up. If it happens after a few sips try varying your drink or visit the doc and see if he can decrease it down to this
I get funny symptoms when drinking wine. Avoid the types of alcohol that do this to you.
I used to suffer near that as well, it is your bodies bearing of saying that it have had adequate. When it happens, switch to soft drinks or sea
same thing happen to me when I drink. So, I quit and now I smoke pot haha ;)
Yep! A friend of mine get an allergic reaction to firm liquer and some imported beers. He pretty much sticks to miller fluffy to be on the safe side (yech) but he have the exact same reaction you're describing.
It's the worst beside vodka and gin.
He can OCCASIONALLY do margaritas if he limits himself.
you know your have an allergic reaction so don't drink the alcohol, own an allergy test done to find out what it is your allergic to, consequently drink something that hasn't got it within, I have an allergic response to any wine sherry etc it's the grapes but I can drink rum etc. be very wise of what you are doing if your tongue swells or breathing is bad seize medical help as it could be cruel
Poor poor girl. Glad I'm not you! I love beer.

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