Where can I do test for Babesia&Ehrlichia(tick borne diseases) contained by Hungary or Germany or Austria?I'm desperate

I'm from Roumania.I had lyme but I'm not passion well.My doctor told me I might hold a coinfection with babesia or ehrlichia or bartonella but I don't know where on earth can I do these tests.In Roumania within are no tests.I have need of help,please.I have need of to find a lab or a clinic in a country implicit to Roumania.Thank you.

I suggest you post your question at lymenet.com, since in that are members of that group who are within Europe. Good luck.

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Dear Miron,

I am so sorry that you are response ill.

Yes, it can be complicated to find a proper diagnosis and treatment. Even in the States, the test for Lyme Disease are unreliable and it is very tricky to find a doctor willing to minister to.

The best things I can suggest is for you to visit the European Lyme support group at:


There are two doctors I know of within the UK who are willing to treat Lyme and co-infections, but possibly the members near can point you to a doctor in Romania.

I believe that several people contained by Europe do end up sending their blood to a Lab surrounded by California for testing. The lab is call Igenex and it is considered the gold standard contained by Lyme testing.

You can budge on the Igenex Website and they give you instructions almost how to ship the blood to them. I think if you e-mail them they will distribute you the packaging and everything you want to do that.

If you ask, Your regular doctor might be able to support you with that by drawing a blood token for you. The Website address is:


I hope some of this helps. Take meticulousness of yourself, try not to to get discouraged. I know it is knotty but try to stay as calm as possible. Help and treatment can be found.

There is also deeply of good counsel and support on forums on the Internet such as:


They have a chatroom you can call round with lots of general public who know a lot nearly finding help for those.

Hang in in that :)


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