A long-suffering presents next to rectal bleeding, and his organ systems start to shut down. What could be the produce?

Erdheim-Chester disease.
Ebola virus.
I SO hope you're not a doctor...
Your patient is possibly septic.
please, merely do the work yourself. I would hate to muse that my health watchfulness provider googled or yahoo'd my diagnosis.
whew, do I feel better, lately a show and I missed that one.
First guess, SIRS (Systemic inflammatory response syndrome )... without any more info i.e. just too confused to really do anything with that...
p.s. ebola presents next to a hemorrhagic rash that would be notice right away.
Need more info especially age and past history and medication history. Is the someone you know or an episode of ' House MD' that I missed?
i'm not a professional but one disease i'm to a certain extent sure can cause this is ebola
Possibly a GI bleed. Which could be anything from a duodenal (or some other) sore or some sort of varriceal haemorrage. It could be trauma, maybe an organ have suffered damage because of an stroke of luck or something. Its impossible to answer without knowing the patients history and blood results. I would look closely at LFT's.
asprin overdose and toxicity.
A bleeding swelling or foreign body causing internal ruptures and bleeding come to mind - mass organ letdown could be caused by hypovolemic shock which contained by a child of about 10 would whip several hours to become life threatening, kidneys are the first to shut down which would result within a noticeable rise surrounded by creatinine levels and internal disrupt to the kidneys them selves which could result in some blood ratification into the bladder prior to kidney failure.

If a foreign body be to blame it could have any been swallowed or inserted rectally (and any left surrounded by situ or removed) - either voluntarily or forcefully.

Ulceration could be cause by excess stomach acid, administering ibuprofen repeatedly on an blank stomach (not advisable) or aspirin (which should be under medical supervision merely in adjectives children regardless of age.) to name but a few. Poisoning and antacids can enjoy a similar effect.

I doubt you would ever be able to compile a full roll of potential causes.

What I would want to do (not necessarily surrounded by this order):
# Full bld chemistry + toxicology + group/save (in case of transfusions needed)
# Urine and stools sent for mc&s + toxicology
# Access dehydration and start rehydration fluids
# Full event history from child (if poss) and family connections - anything happened (trauma - falls, abuse), what have been taken (food, drink, and meds etc)
# Child put on cardiac monitor beside TPR +BP recorded majestically (5 - 10 min intervals)
# Surgical opinion as to internal bleeding
# Abdo and pelvic x-rays - to identify root of bleeding
# notice and record imprudent and spread

I'm sure I'll think of other things to attach later
Ooh, this is a fun examine! Also thinking a SIRS type of picture, could also be in DIC (disseminated intravascular coagulation) or HUS (hemolytic-uremic syndrome) since it's a child. How much rectal bleeding? Bright red, or dark/melena? Don't requirement to have a disorientation if septic, so that clue doesn't help much.
Has to be Ebola virus.

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