Am I Lactose intolerant?

If I drink just a small amount of caffeine or beer, or devour melted cheese or chocolate, it cause diarrhea, a bloated stomach and nausea. This condition occurred in the order of 5 yrs ago after visiting Thailand, drinking a lot of spicy food and training within Thai Boxing. Is this caused by lactose intolerance, or something else such as IBS. Before this happen, I didn't have problems next to any foods or drinks.

It seems more imagined to be Celiac Disease, an intolerance to gluten. Beer contains gluten and many sodas do to. (as do copious cheeses and chocolates and hundreds of other foods.) I would see a doc asap and get blood tested for Celiac Disease. They can also interview for Lactose. IBS is not actually a disease but a want of diagnosis so they slap a label of IBS on ppl. MANY MANY celiac's be misdiagnosed with IBS first.
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caffeine have no milk, beer has none. i meditate you have a sensitive stomach from consumption to much crap at once.... i get that track but i conrtrol i dont eat spicy, i dont drink to copious sodas... sometime sugar from tea makes me sick... i know if you are you necessitate to see eat it separate and loaf . you'll know. you could have a food allergies which is different.
There is no lactic acerbic in beer, and unless your caffeine consumption is coffee or tea beside milk, I'd say it's IBS. If the diarrhea is mucusy it could also be ulcerative colitis.
Lactose is milk sugar, and beer have none. However, a friend acquired a protozoan infection which cause symptoms similar to yours; certain other sugars (fruit sugars, particularly) cause gas. See a doctor; this type of infection does not seem adjectives in the US, so diagnosis may transport a while.

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