Acne lend a hand?

is there any medication that i could bear to get rid of my acne. I enjoy been going to my dermatologist for roughly 1 year now and he have been giving me creams and minocycline (i think). I be wondering if there is anything that would go and get rid of my acne quick and pretty confidently. Price isnt much of an issue but i just want something that works podgy and will get rid of adjectives of my acne or atleast most of it.
thank you

Accutane, or Roaccutane (same drug different names) is the most effective drug surrounded by getting rid of acne. There are many other drugs that you can give somebody a lift for as long as you are alive that will supress the acne, but the only proven agency of getting rid of it for extended periods of time is Roaccutane.

You stipulation to get a prescription from a dermatolagist though, so you should make higher it with him subsequent time you are there because it is not suitable for everyone due to some of the side-effects.
try using Proactive
I use it and it works great for me
proactive sucks. acutane is expensive but apparently get rid of acne forever. if u want to try something to just support it some, mix some baking soda with ur facade wash and later use that to wash ur obverse. works pretty darn well for me
roacutine(I can't remember how it is spelt)
I used it,it does own some severe side effects but to get rid of the acne it is brilliant.
I've be Spot free for 10 years and I had severe acne for 5 years.
You do call for to see a specialist as it's very potent!
I later did a course of dermabrasion to smooth my skin and get rid of the glow once it cleared up.
Why isn't the treatment you're currently on working? I think you should step back to your dermatologist. You're lucky to own one!

You may be prescribed antibiotics or prescription medication like Acutane (or even the pill if you're a girl) if your acne is doomed to failure enough.

So you could try the toothpaste trick (never worked for me, but some race swear by it) where you put a wipe of toothpaste on a big spot for a while. There are also other topical creams and facewahses (Neutogena, ProActiv, Benzyl Peroxide, Witch Hazel, Medihoney). B Complex and B5 (tablets, twice a day) work for some people (me). To be honest I enjoy found this to be a bit of a miracle cure and if you google it you will find a lot of info and more testamonials. Doesn't work for everyone, but when it does work, it's awesome. And it's available over-the-counter, next to no side effects.

Also try to eat well food, exercise, keep verbs and drink water. Most of these remedies pinch a few days minimum to work.
This may sound for a while "old school" and it may not be chosen as the best answer, but please please please try this. I used to hold acne that was incredibly huge. And I niggardly huge - when one popped I would go through 1/3rd of a roll of tissue b/c of the blood and white stuff.

Go to an Asian supermarket and look for a mix beverage to be exact called Tian Qi Hua Jing Beverage or Tienchi Flower Beverage. There are different spellings of this b/c this is a Chinese flower herb. Buy close to 2 packs of these and purely drink 2 packs everyday. Once you start seeing results newly lower your dosage to one pack a day. I hold also tried minocyline and all these other creams and antibiotics and none own worked as well as this. It even help with my scar which were bumps only just smoothen out. I have recommended this to my friends who also have acne and they all saw results. Please please please try it out even if you are skeptical.
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