After shaving my legs, bumps other appear and they bestow a discoloration that later for up to 6 months, why is it?

I have tried medicated shave gel, venus, wax, hair-removal creams and real bleak bumps still appear everytime I shave my legs. Like if this was zilch, they always walk off a dark spot losing that truly lasts for roughly speaking 6 months or even more. For that I tried many lightening creams but none of them really worked. My skin is critically sensitive to shaving and I apparently enjoy a bad blood circulations since everytime I'm standing for more or less 2 minutes my legs turn dark and you can see the shadows spots with a purple tone.

A doctor told me that my problem have to do with possibly internal reason and also skin related ones. If you own any valuable information for my luggage as to what may be its cause or how can I shave my legs in need these problems I would really appreciate your help.

The condition sounds approaching it could be folliculitis in which skin I strongly recommend the following.
Shave with a shap cut-throat

Use a good Hair Conditioner instead of other pre shave products

Finish near a SiloeVera Lotion once legs are dry

You can obtain the lotion at a site autograph "notaquitter" it is a 100% Natural mixture of Aloe Vera and Silver. It is also not expensive and they ship world wide. Try it and I devise that you will be very bullish that you did.
your problem is called "folliculitis"
you should shift to a dermatologist and he/she will tell you what cream (with untaught ingredients) to use and maybe your skin isn't responding at the shaving. You could try depilate or wax (it is completely, but the result maybe worth it)
This may not work within this situation...but its a suggestion. I dont know if you know what this is or not, but Im a Pure Romance consultant (I do in home party for women selling relationship enhancement products, spa items, lotions, ect) and we get this stuff that is call Coochy, lol. I know the name is funny but it really does work in good health, for sensitive too. Its mainly for longer enduring smoothness as not having to shave nearly as much...and its imprudent free. So no bumps. But your situation maybe different. But its an choice. If you want you can go to my website and look at it and read more or less it and the business (so you know its ligit, lol) and click on shop or just type it surrounded by the search: Coochy..if you do prefer to try it, be sure you apply it before the shower and rub it contained by until the area turns white...lathered. Then I would even hang about another minute or two since your so sensitive, then hop within and shave. Also not needed but the Body Dew works great after using the Coochy. Its approaching carnation oil doesnt clog pores and it will give support to keep it from person as irritated (usually)I hope this was agreeable.

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