*******i am shy what the hell could it be**?

My friend said his peter is chaffed,and it is tender, no sores, no puss,could this be sighns of a std i be determined if it were from not adequate lube how long does it stay tender like that will it saty tender resembling that more than a day? HELP ME BY THE WAY HE IS COMING TO THE DOC I JUST WANTED A IDEA OF what it could be??

it can be chafing, and it might end a day or two. intricate to say, he can also be allergic to the spermacide within the condom or even laytex if he used a condom.
Stupidity: both of you
If he used a latex condom it might be an allergic reaction to that. Or some lubricants will also bring skin irritation.
Just sounds like hes be having too much sex, help yourself to a break...
well not adjectives the things you said just describes std it could be a LOT of things

if he like you enough not to try to bring u hurt then you and him should turn in for a check up together
i honstly focus it's because it's just chapped, my bf get this too, tell him to put some kid lotion on it, no wierd lotions or anything with purfume, and it will one and only make is worse. also use lub subsequent time to prevent this. and good luck
It's probably jock itch, it's pretty adjectives and usually no signs of infection just what appears to be a mild impetuous with profoundly of itching. The doctor will prescribe him a lotion to apply.

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