Poison oak!?

My husband has have it for weeks, all over his legs. We've tried lanicane, benedryl spray, calimine lotaion and hydrocortizone and zilch seems to be helping.
He's one of those individuals that won't go to the Dr unless he's dying.
Anything else to try to finally attain it to clear up?

this sounds very abnormal but it works ive done it my old grandfather wille buckheimer show me he intellectual in the veitemese time of war. first order a milk bone dog treat online. put it surrounded by captin morgans rum and soak it for 1 hour 13 minutes too short or long will ruin it. then thieve the rum and drink but only a shot full. embezzle the remaining milk bone and sniff it 47 times and the last sniff munch it. you should start to see it clear up but save. take a nectar despenser for humming bird and put contained by the oven for 5 minutes at 350 degrees lurk until nectar cools. dump it on a pekenese rock and start a fire with the spark rock. cook a hot dog over the magical fire and smack the infected nouns 3 times and then put gorshams blueberry liquid in the hot dog and put away it that will cure the poison oak. TRUST ME THIS ACTUALLY WORKS!! i swear contact me if doesnt work 983-873-2209 Jim elbertson
get into saline water.
run to the doctor.
force him drag him.
do something.
sounds gross, but have him thieve a shower as hot as possible, and scratch the hell out of it. Let the hot sea run long enough to completely rinse the oil off, or it will single spread, the put oatmeal mixed with hose on it and allow to dry. the oatmeal should dry out the skin. be careful when handling any materials involved, as the impetuous spreads thru oil
That happen to me once.
Sounds like it may be infected. He wishes to see a doctor. Will more than likely be put on steroids for a jiffy - I was and it cleared up.
Hi, He wishes to see a doctor A.S.A.P. this poison oak is nothing to mess around next to. I use to get it bad my ex jeans after going deer hunting. I was one of the lucky ones..NOT! I would own to get those shot once a month. Your husband is going to draw from that damn stuff in his eyes,throat and so on. Make him gain to your doctor before he ends up surrounded by the hospital.
sarna its an anti itch cream it worked great for me you can get it your local pharmacy its a white bottle near blue writing. hoped i helped

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