Am I lactose Intolerant?

My brothers friend is lactose intolerant and he said when he drinks milk he vomits, and he said you have to vomit after drinking milk to be lactose intolerant.

But when i drink milk i carry this churning feeling contained by my stomach... and it hurts alot and the other day i couldnt even put your foot because it hurt soooo much.

But i dont throw up like my brother that true that you enjoy to vomit to be lactose intolerant?
But nothing happen when i drink Soy milk..

But when i eat cheese i take gas and need to step to the toilet..and the same near chocolate.

Am i or not?

YEP, you are lactose intolerant. That's what happens when you digest dairy products: gas, churning, sometimes diarrhea. Never hear of the vomiting.
You very powerfully may be if you have such effecting reaction to dairy products, but you won't know for sure unless you consult a doctor, which you should have done already.
Yep I'm almost positive. My brother's lactose intolerant and have the same problems until he get tested. Go to a doctor and get tested for it. It's newly a series of breath tests that will probably prove your suggestion. But basically as of very soon I'd suggest you go receive some lactaid pills and take them back dairy and if you dont have the problems next you're lactose intolerant!

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