An amazing expedition?

one day buzz restrained year came through my glass and into my room last hours of darkness and we went to mar and shared a beef jerky. and for some unusual reason he kept scratch his left toenail. and toenails are'nt supposed to itch! is it a short time ago me or do toenails really itch? please answer!

I'll bet Buzz can tell you if you ask him.

By the channel, toenails themselves can't itch, they are dead skin build up.
i reckon you're just individual weird!
toenails arent supposed to itch. But if they do score hehe.
He probably was scratch it for a reason. but i doubt that the cause was that it itched... perchance he just like the scratch his toenail
Actually toenails can 'itch' ... if yours are itching, jump to a doctor right away. You have a 'nail fungus' and ONLY A PRESCRIPTION can 'cure that' ... or you could want 'surgery' and that is WAY EXPENSIVE!
Actually on Mars they don't because within order to be alive long ample to feel an itdch you enjoy to be able to breathe, so unless you be wearing spacesuites and had oxygen tank, then the answer to your cross-examine is NO. And then you woke up.

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