After giving an antidote to a long-suffering who took a poison, should we furnish glucose or not??

It depends on what poisen was taken and what antidote be given. One of the usual antidotes is activated charcoal, given to hold your attention the poison in the GI tract. Often, we will pass dextrose soon after that so that the charcoal does not set up in the gut and explanation an ileus (a stopped up bowel). If they are diabetic, they may need some extra sugar depending upon what they took (say OD'd on diabetic meds?). It is really up to the doctor--or if you enjoy been near poisen control, ask them specifically about this.
ask a docotor
I agree, ask a doctor! But I am not sure why one would unless the soul is diabetic and needs it!
Who are you that you have to give an antidote to a tolerant for poisoning? are you a hospital, a nursing home? what's your authority?

Maybe you'd better call an ambulance and hold the patient transported to an ER for proper charge before you win into trouble with a lawsuit or the police.
This really sounds approaching a homework question. Do your research and acquire your A the right way!

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