%&%&%& REad me WHY is his pe--- SO TENDER could it be a std?

My friend says his peter is tender to the touch, no puss or anything come out he says it a short time ago is tender and the skin was dry are those the starting sighns of a std, he said it merely started hurting out of no where??

Why doesn't he consult a Dr? This is nil to fool around with...
he probabily jacks sour too much and rubbed himself raw
1] excessive masturbation?
2] sitting around within a wet swimsuit
3] yeast - explain to him to buy some jock itch cream, and use it twice a day for TWO weeks - not merely until it works. If he has a girlfriend, he desires to use a condom until the two weeks of treatment are up, and she needs yeast infection medication
4] give an account him to go commando at home, and wear loose, ample shorts until better.
CLAP & yes STD

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