Why are in attendance white spots and silver hair sprouting on my moved out arm?

I've recently notice white spots around my upper left arm and a few of them are accompany by silver/white hairs and some areas on my forearm of late have silver/white hair. I don't know if this is a medical or skin problem. If anyone knows if this is anything serious or not please permit me know. Btw I'm 19

If you don't have money for a dermatologist, I suggest doing a total body detox. You can get it at any strength food store. This will put your system back contained by balance, because it sounds approaching yours could be off for a time.
I would ask a doctorr and not us. for all you know we may enunciate that it because your blah blah and it may be that your actualy just blah blah. So i would ask an expert instead of wannabes.
You are turning into a wendigo, soon you will start to crave rare human hearts... I'm sorry a doctor won't be capable of help but don't verbs about it though, wendigos are a inborn part of the ecosystem.

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