8 year antediluvian excessive blinking..?

My son is 8 years old and around 2 weeks ago he started blinking his eyes excessively.. I don't know if it's a habit he say his eyes don't burn or anything so i'm not sure what it could be.. anyone ever experience this??


I see patients close to this every day contained by the office of the pediatric neurologist I work for. First, own his eyes checked to make sure everything's okay within. It might be as simple as his eyes being dry or need glasses.

If his eyes are fine it could be a simple tic, the first signs of Tourette's Syndrome or even a small manifestation of a requisition. Don't panic. These are adjectives things easily treated. It's most credible a simple tic, which most kids experience at some point. If it's not bothering him it won't need to be treated.

Take him to his pediatrician if his eyes are ok. He or she might sort a referal to a neurologist. Good luck. Really, don't panic however. It might be none of these things, but all of these things are deal with pretty simply.
It could possibly be allergies ... I don`t know his eyes are just dry. Take him to the Dr. for sure. It's worth looking into.
this is worth a read, as is seeing your Doctor and/or optician


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