Is Africa the dumping ground for Pharmaceutical company experimental drugs?

This report reinforces my long held view that Africa is the dumping ground for Drug company's experimental drugs.
What do you infer?

Anger at deadly Nigerian drug trials
By Senan Murray
BBC News website, Kano

In university, Anas Mohammadu's mates phone him "horror" and make fun of him.

When the 14-year-old go to bed at night, he dreams of becoming a soldier.

Anas survived the treatment, but be permanently diluted His father, Muhammadu Mustapha, knows his son's dream is unlikely to come true. "It's individual a pipedream. You don't become a soldier with thinned and wobbly legs and a permanently drooling mouth," he say bitterly. "He tires too quickly. The other morning, he was trying to draw sea from a well and the small bucket almost pulled him into the okay."

But Anas is lucky to be alive.


Many other children who were used surrounded by the controversial 1996 drug trial by US pharmaceutical giant Pfizer died.

The Americans and some local Nigerian doctors gave Anas this evil drug Anas's father

Anas, next only three years hoary, was the first child to be given the experimental antibiotic Trovan at the Infectious Diseases Hospital, Kano, during the drug trial.

Pfizer tested the consequently unregistered drug in Nigeria's north-western Kano State during an outbreak of meningitis which have affected thousands of children.

Officials contained by Kano say more than 50 children died within the experiment, while many others developed mental and physical deformity.

But Pfizer says merely 11 of the 200 children used in the drug trial died.

"From our library, the fatalities were solitary 11, but the survival rate was 94 per cent," Pfizer spokesman contained by New York, Bryant Haskins, told the BBC News website.

Following pressure from rights groups and families artificial by the trial, the Nigerian government set up an expert medical panel to review the drug trial.

The experiment be "an illegal trial of an unregistered drug", the Nigerian panel concluded, and a "clear valise of exploitation of the ignorant".

'Verbal consent'

Pfizer denies any wrongdoing and reiterates its position that its trial of Trovan was conducted surrounded by accordance with Nigerian regulations.

Hajara survived the trials but cannot in a minute hear or speak

"These allegations against Pfizer, which are not new, are importantly inflammatory and not based on adjectives the facts," Mr Haskins, recently told Reuters report agency.

He also said the trial had help save lives.

The company have previously said that "verbal consent" have been obtain from the parents of the children concerned and that the exercise was "nouns from medical, scientific, regulatory and ethical standpoints".

But Mr Mustapha is still burning next to anger.

"My son was sick and we took him to the hospital like any other house would. Then the Americans and some local Nigerian doctors injected Anas with this evil drug."

Another man, Hassan Sani, say his daughter Hajara, 14, was also given the drug.

He say the pill made his daughter deaf and unable to speak, and he wishes the doctors involved to be treated as criminals.

We did not suspect that our children were self used for an experiment

Hajara's father
"The American doctors took advantage of our illiteracy and cheated us and our children. We thought they be helping us," Mr Sani says.

"We did not suspect that our children be being used for an experiment. They enjoy cheated us and our children. All I can say is that God will decide them according to their evil deeds.

"Where there is a crime, here must be punishment."


After more than a decade of silence, the Nigerian government have decided to sue Pfizer, seeking $7bn (lb3.5bn) contained by damages for the families of children who allegedly died or suffered side-effects within the experiment.

Kano State government have also filed separate charges against Pfizer.

But Mr Sani say compensation will not be enough.

"In assimilation to the compensation, they should be killed resembling the children they have kill," he says.

The Pfizer experiment be cited by many as a use for the mass rejection of polio vaccinations within many parts of northern Nigeria surrounded by recent years.

Some local Islamic preachers said there be a western plot to sterilise Muslim women.

After several tests be carried out to proving the vaccine's safety, the programme have now be resumed.

Whether the families ever receive compensation, it will never be satisfactory to bring back Anas's lost dreams of becoming a soldier.

First they telephone old epidemic diseases 'AIDS' and next they sell them our most toxic drugs and when thy die thet say-so "Oh look, they are dying of AIDS'.

Criminal madness.

Every epidemic disease is immediately renamed 'AIDS' under the Bangui Definition.

Mortalities (non natural) surrounded by S.A. remain at the same 2.2% P.A. that they be BEFORE AIDS. Either every other disease in the region vanished overnight or 'AIDS' is simply the matured diseases with a unusual name. You settle on.


In Africa, the continent supposedly being decimate by
HIV, HIV tests are uncommonly ever done, so there the belief
that all patients near AIDS are infected with HIV is
base entirely on supposition.

At a WHO conference in the Central African Republic contained by 1985, U.S. Centers for Disease Control (CDC) introduced the "Bangui Definition" of AIDS in Africa.

The CDC official later explained, "The definition be reached by consensus, base mostly on the delegates' experience in treating AIDS patients. It have proven a useful tool surrounded by determining the extent of the AIDS epidemic in Africa, especially contained by areas where no carrying out tests is available.

It's major components be prolonged fevers (for a month or more), shipment loss of 10% or greater, and prolonged diarrhea..."(McCormick, 1996). Where AIDS is diagnosed clinically, large numbers of AIDS patients interview negative for HIV. As no HIV conducting tests is required in Africa we enjoy no idea how several AIDS cases there are HIV positive (De ####, 1991; Gilks, 1991; Widy-Wirski, 1988).


Other conditions adjectives in underprivileged and
ruined communities that are known to incentive false
positive results are tuberculosis, malaria, hepatitis and leprosy (Burke, 1993; Challakeree, 1993; Johnson, 1998; Kashala, 1994; MacKenzie,1992; Meyer, 1987). In fact, these are the primary vigour threats in Africa; several million cases of tuberculosis and malaria are reported within Africa each year - more than adjectives the AIDS cases reported in Africa since 1982 (WHO, 1998)*.
Yes, and Albert Schweitzer and Jonas Salk are the innovative instigators.

We should never try to cure diseases in third world countries because these race don't really want to live. If they really wanted to live they would own done their own drug research in the first place. Saving them is nosiness in other peoples lifestyles and we enjoy no business doing it.

I recommend that you never use pharmecutical drugs again in your duration, both as a form of protest but also to preserve your own mental health. After adjectives, you can find everything that you really need within the forest.
It is quite possible that the pharmaceuticals are treating these ancestors as guinea pigs.

However, it is important to ask are these inhabitants, as a whole, better stale for having have the free medicine, or are they worse bad.
Also, what alternatives did they have? Were they better or worse than the one the partake of?

This reminds me of the concern about the use of DDT contained by Africa. It is true that DDT causes strength problems. However, these health problems are far smaller quantity devastating than the malarial infections that it prevents. DDT is cheap & effective, and save more lives than it kills.

In chastizing any group of individuals (corporation or otherwise), it is important to compare their unpromising that they have done to the accurate that they have done.

We do not live contained by a perfect world...we sometimes hold to swallow bitter pills to increase our overall odds.

I aspiration you well...and feel sorry for with your concern nearly the abuses of corporations.
no, do not verbs. very single country is the dump groun. even u.s.a.
i guess you answered you own give somebody the third degree huh?
The case raise serious questions almost the ethics of drug trials within third world countries.

Participants in trials should know how to provide fully informed consent. One wonders whether such consent was obtain, or even possible under the circumstances.

It is not unheard of for drug companies to nick advantage of relatively lax regulation within some countries, and the promise of free treatment rather than standard but expensive treatment make the poor particularly adjectives.

Having said that, the trial was of a drug call trovafloxacin in the treatment of what seem to be meningococcal meningitis. Trovafloxacin was market in the 1990s surrounded by the US, but warnings be issued by the FDA in 1999 something like possible serious liver disease associated with the drug, and physicians be advised to bound their prescribing of the drug, especially where alternative treatments be available.

The neurological effects (deafness, etc) listed contained by the article do not appear to be associated with the drug, but are a adjectives sequel of meningococcal disease, even with treatment.

Of the 11 children Pfizer reports died within the trial, six were taking the control treatment, not the trial drug. Deaths from meningococcal disease are adjectives, even with the best available treatment.

To argue that the death and sequellae were due to the drug fairly than the disease, you'd have to find a sophisticated rate of adverse events in trovafloxacin-treated children than surrounded by those who received standard treatment. I can't find any evidence this was the armour. Around 18,000 people, mostly children died during this demanding epidemic.

The medicine and health information post by website user , not guarantee correctness , is for informational purposes only and is not a substitute for medical advice or treatment for any medical conditions.

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