ALL NURSES, DOCTORS, & HEALTHCARE WORKERS!!coughing up blood, vomiting, stops breathing??

My mom has be coughing for 3 weeks now. The cough comes suddenly and when it comes she cant breathe. She coughs up mucus beside blood in it and vomits every hours of darkness...the cough lasts for just about 5-8 minutes and is frequent...when it comes its like she is losing her voice she cant gossip that well. She say that it is not painful and cough drops or honey doesn't assist...any ideas as to what this could be and how we can relieve it until she sees a doctor? THAnKS!

It could be a few things. But sour the bat sudden coughing could be mucus plugs from bronchitis or emphysema, this is roughly what it sounds like. I would be curious on how older your mother is and if she smokes. If this is the case she should receive to a doctor as quick as possible, here is medicine to aid clear mucus out of lungs. It is best to get to a doctor as hurried as possible because if it is from a condition called chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, later it will get worse.

A breakneck fix is to brew coffee and breath the fumes and drink some. Caffeine has a bronchial dilation effect which can lend a hand. Hot tea can work as well. But neither is a substitute for an actual medical inference. Like I said, sudden coughing with blood coming out requirements a doctor to fully evaluate it.
I think the worst is : cancer and TB near destroyed lung.
Do you have medication with salbutamol and prednison/dexamethason on it ? It will relief relieve bronchospasm and excesive secretion of tenacious mucus, but not for long.
See your doctor fast !
What is she waiting for? If you can't breathe, you die. She desires to go to the hospital NOW. Could be TB, or even something simple similar to an upper respiratory infection. Regardless, her problem won't go away in need treatment. Why suffer? See a doc!

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