AIDs please minister to !?

i have to write an assay around AIDs awareness please help what should i say aloud ??

For your research, I suggest you contact the Center for Disease Control and/or the National Institute of Health. This is where you can obtain the most accurate statistics.


You are going to find people on here that will swear up and down that HIV/AIDS does not exist. Even more troubling is that others will say-so that stress can cause HIV (not true), that it is restricted to one see, gender, age group and so on. Please do not rely on these types of reponses for accurate information. Contact the authorities for that. The CDC is a goldmine of information and they are other willing to go past on that information to the general public.
Well... you should spell essay correctly first :) Then start researching the topic from the internet. Good luck :)
AIDS contained by Africa was my second semester freshman final. So yeah its adjectives still in my go before. If you'd like a copy of my certainty sheet feel free to email me (i get a 95% on it so its pretty good);...

I wrote a mini-essay there, that ought to acquire you started.
I am a HIV Counselor & Tester... so I suggest either going to the cdc's website, or visit your local HIV testing location and asking for substance for your essay.

Finally, is your essay supposed to be about HIV Awareness, HIV/AIDS Awareness, or newly AIDS Awareness.

Finally, if you email me I can send you some information roughly both HIV and AIDS.

Read the World's largest studies on sexual transmission and agree on for yourself..

The 10-year Padian study observed sexually active
couples contained by which one partner was HIV positive. The result: contained by 10 years, not one uninfected partner contracted HIV, even though all participant admitted to have sex without condoms. The study states, 'We followed up 175 HIV-discordant couples over time, for a total of approximately 282 couple-years of follow up. The longest duration of follow-up be 12 visits (6 years).

We observed no seroconversion [infection] after entry into the study."

In the three-year Stewart study (1985) not one masculine partner of HIV-positive women contracted HIV. Prostitution is not even listed as an HIV risk category by the CDC, because of the extremely low incidence of HIV nouns to clients who have no other risk factor (i.e. drug abuse).

These findings bolster the hypothesis of some AIDS scientists that chronic malnutrition and other environmental factor, and not a sexually-transmitted virus, are the causes of powerless immunity surrounded by people diagnosed beside one of the nearly 30 AIDS-defining diseases (which vary from country to country).


Page-Shafer is a researcher at the Center for AIDS Prevention at the University of California, San Francisco. At the 2004 World AIDS Conference, she presented notes from a study of 400 men whose only form of sexual behavior be receiving oral sex. Despite little condom use next to multiple partners -- including partner known to be infected next to HIV -- none of the men came down next to HIV infection.

"We had nil infections over 1,493 person-years of exposure to oral receptive sex," Page-Shafer tell WebMD. "This doesn't mean here aren't factors that contribute to easier HIV nouns by oral sex. It does happen. But notes confirm it is a pretty rare numbers."

Sex And HIV: Behaviour-Change Trial Shows No Link
The East African (Nairobi)

March 17, 2003

Posted to the web March 19, 2003

By Paul Redfern, Special Correspondent Nairobi

A UK funded trial aimed at reducing the spread of Aids contained by Uganda by modifying sexual behaviour appears to hold had little discernible effect.

The trial, carried out on around 15,000 individuals in the Masaka region, involved distributing condoms, treating around 12,000 victims of sexually transmitted diseases and counselling.

However, while the trial lead to a marked correction in sexual behavioural pattern, with the proportion reporting contributory sexual partners falling from around 35 per cent to 15 per cent, nearby was no traceable fall surrounded by the number of new cases of HIV infection, although nearby was a significant moderation in sexually transmitted diseases such as syphilis and gonorrhoea.

The trial results, which be reported in the British medical account The Lancet, have already aroused some controversy.

The troop leader of the trial, Dr Anatoli Kamalai, acknowledged that in that was "no measurable reduction" within HIV incidence with "no air of even a small effect."

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