Acne cross-question?

I have tried everything to clear up my mid to moderate acne. Does anything work for mature acne? I have sesitive skin also. Help!

-antibiotics - clyndamicin, erythromicin, tetracycline,minocycline
-drink sea
-allways wash your obverse
-look after for some vitamin defficiencies.
Have you tried everything? Or everything that is store-bought?

I have tried everything too. I even bought that Proactiv solution from the TV infomercials. I ended up have to visit my physician and getting some prescription cream for my frontage. After what seemed resembling forever, my acne was gone and it never come back ;)
honey, i've have acne problems for over a decade so i've tried it all, even the most extreme things. hold you tried a dermatologist? sometimes all you requirement is an antibiotic and/or a topical cream. systems like proactive might sustain - the soap has benzoyl peroxide which kill bacteria. you might also look into microdermabrasion or a facial to go and get the dead skin cell off the surface.hope that get you started!

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