A vigour interview...?

Ok - Weird senario but I need SERIOUS answers on what you would do if you be in my shoes. Ok - my boyfriends ex girlfriend get around (and has 3 STDS). All of which she have come in contact next to after being beside my ex boyfriend (therefore me, or my boyfriend do not have them). Well she, the ex, slept beside a guy at my work and didn't tell him what she have. Should I tell him? I don't ponder it would be good if he did contract these dieses and next speads them?? Serious answers only.

I would tolerate him know what i know about "the ex" that could affect him (std wise). Just to be on the not detrimental side. It would suck if he got what ever she have, but it would suck even more if he has what she have and didn't know about it.

I would newly bring it up like, "Hey you know when you and ____ (her name) hooked up? I a short time ago wanted to communicate you to get yourself tested. Just to be on the safe and sound side, because I think she have some STDs and I would like if you get yourself in demand. (or something along those lines)
I would ask him in a unconcerned way if he know that so and so had STD's previously he slept with her. Keep it relaxed and non accusing.
Yes it would be a good concept for you to tell him because similar to you mentioned he could spread then to other unknowingly which is wrong. Even thought it be done to him doesnt mean its ok for him to do it to others. It could be a few weeks or months til he see signs or symptoms depending on what the STDs are. Besides you would want for someone to tell you wouldn't you?
I dunno, because if they be the treatable kind she may hold gotten them treated and may not have them anymore and after he the guy would freak out and that chick may confront you, so be ready for a argument there and afterwards people at work may alienate you because they sticky label you as a gossipper or troublemaker, the best thing to do is avoid race you know she has slept beside and dont sleep w them and after the guy you work with is not seeing her later pull him to the side and inform him in the order of her past, only just say something similar to, she has a undomesticated history dude, hope you strapped on your raincoat b4 hittin that!..sorry I know this is serious but specifically a jokingly kind of road to put it so you dont offend him, ya know?

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