An albino person's skin.?

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I'm curious if the normally pink areas of a person's skin are pink on an albino entity. Like the lips, nipples, genital areas. I don't know if that color contained by the skin is caused by the chemical that albino's famine or just by blood fundamental the surface of the skin.

The color of the skin will still vary due to the concentration of boold vessel, and lips and any areas of especially slim skin with lot of blood vessel will still be pink, including the genital areas and inside the mouth. Albino individuals lack melanin, the stuff that give skin a tan or muddy color, including freckles. Albino skin is pale pink-white and tend to be somewhat translucent, so it may appear a bluish color around veins. It also effects eye and fleece color, meaning albino irises are light blue, and hair tend to be white or may appear as a very grey blond.
no body hair pinkish eyes
An albino lacks pigmentation contained by their skin completely- they have no melanine. The pinkish areas of the skin are pinkish because the skin is thinner surrounded by those spots and you are actually seeing the capillary beneath, that's what is giving it the pink look. Without any pigmentation they look a little pinker, actuallly, adjectives over. It's the white hair that usually throws you past its sell-by date, not so much the look of the skin. That just looks somewhat paler than most, but not like a walking phantasm. They generally wear night glasses to pelt the pupils, aside from the odd jerk it gives other relatives, they are also light sensitive and regular light hurts their eyes. But their skin doesn't enjoy a color, because they lack the pigment that give it entirely.

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