AFter losing your eyelashes from chemo, did they grow backbone sort of funky?

Mine have, strange.

customarily eyelashes will grow in wirey and travel in adjectives sorts of directions. If you don't already have one, attain an eyelash curler - it helps GREATLY! It will run several months for your lashes to become full & "normal," but I meditate the worst part of unexpected regrowth is over in in the order of 6 weeks.

Applying vaseline to lashes at night will verbs the wirey ones (& help next to the itch when they are growing back).
Just about everyone I know have some strange hair regrowth story - brown to black; straight to curly etc. Some are in good spirits about that - others not so - but they are adjectives glad to have coat again!
2 1/2 yrs ago, I lost a great deal of tresses from the medication & atibiotics after being sick & contained by hospital for 10 days. I did not have chemo nor lost eyelashes. When my fuzz finally grew back, it come in amazingly wiry & uncontrollable. I kept on adjectives it short & eventually it grew the same as formerly my illness. Perhaps your eyelashes will too. Good luck!
Ive never lost any of my quill before but my cousin have and hair grew pay for black at first it was brown
my son lost adjectives of his hair from chemo. His eyelashes seem to be to be fine but his hair is totally different. Instead of wispy brown thick curly coat he now have dark brown straight quill.

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