Is there a approach to stop it? does anyone else have a sleep sex problem?

If you are unsure of what I'm discussion about: Sleep sex or sexsomnia is a form of non-rapid eye movement (NREM) parasomnia (similar to sleepwalking) that cause people to commit sexual act while they are asleep. The first doctor to coin the term "Sleep sex" is Dr. David Saul Rosenfeld, a neurologist and sleep doctor from Los Angeles, California. The proposed medical diagnosis is NREM Arousal Parasomnia - Sexual Behaviour within Sleep, and is considered to be a distinct variant of sleepwalking/confusional arousals (ICSD 2). The condition be defined by three researchers from the University of Toronto and the University of Ottawa in a tabloid called "Sexsomnia — A New Parasomnia?" published contained by the Canadian Journal of Psychiatry in June 2003.
Sufferers are regularly aware of their behavior for a long time before they hope help, normally because they are not aware that it is a medical disorder or for fear that others will deem it as willful behavior rather than a medical disorder. However, the sincerity of the condition has be confirmed by sleep disorder researchers who have made nouns and video recordings of patients with the condition and observed unusual brain tidal wave activity during the episodes similar to that experienced by other parasomniacs. It is a mind/body disconnect that occur during sleep. In many cases it is a pre-cursor to neuromuscular disease

wow that's some crazy stuff!

possibly ask your doctor if there is some type of sleeping pill that can help the body to produce the inborn paralysis effect that is supposed to go down while sleeping.
I've never heard of this. If its considered similar to sleep walking, if you commit an act would it be call rape? scarry.

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