Whats the best MATRESS?

What the best matress to buy for back misery..?

my sister had spina bifida. a deformation surrounded by the spinal cord. she had trouble adjectives her life finding the right mattress. she finally get a stearns and foster. she never slept better. it was the most comfortable bed i've ever see.
I have herniated three discs within the past five years, so know what wager on pain is. I enjoy found the mattress makes no difference - average mattress, air mattress, therm-putic, etc. What help me is the position I sleep in. By pure coincidence, I found I get my best sleep when sleeping surrounded by a recliner. I have very soon progressed to an adjustible bed, which inclines both my back and my foot. Also, if you have a soaking hip bath or jacuzzi, use that with as heat / hot water as you can stand and some Epsom salt.
We have a sleep number bed beside a tempur-pedic type topper (it's 2in thick) and it's the best sleep I've ever gotten...

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