60+ yr infirm lives within awful condions and lives alone. She have allher dishes stack up on Stove etc Has not vacume

Every thing is dirty and terribly..old. Not risk-free! Clutter on floor.saves disposabe things...PLEASE Tell me where on earth I can get her give a hand. Family has tried.It is affecting her strength. She always c/o loose stools and sometimes dosen't generate it to BR

As a caregiver I can say in need reservation that the ones that said do not intervene are absolutely wrong! It's wonderful of you to exactness about her. Living contained by filth (and clutter) is not natural and is a potential accident waiting to occur. For those who said mind you own business . how would you feel if be your mom or grandmother and she tripped over the clutter and broke her hip?? And if no one care enough to check on her? She could lay in attendance for days before help out arrived.

I would offer to assist her next to the cleaning yourself if at all possible. I would also contact Adult Protective Services ( a division of social services) and inform them of your concerns. They will dispatch a social worker out on a check the welfare call and will council her or if needed they will give support to arrange for in home safekeeping or in drastic cases placement.

Best of luck to you and bless you for your concern. So heaps times I see elderly folks with not a soul in the world. It's wonderful she have people who support about her.
Sounds approaching you need to get hold of in touch near Social Services and you can get that number within the phone book or call info. She requests medical attention right away. Nice of you to care.
Does SHE want serve?
If she doesn't, leave her alone. As long as she get around OK, she's fine. You're trying to make her conform to your standards. She have a right to live the way she requirements. I don't see how her health is self impacted. Loose stools and dirty plates are pretty insubstantial. Hardly life threatening. She may not be living the life span you want for her, but you don't have the right to update her how to live.
If she wants lend a hand, by all scheme go verbs her place. Talk to her pastor or rabbi and get hooked up next to community services. Call social services for a referal. If she doesn't want your help, you can't force her. Do what you can and adopt her as the slob she is.
call Adult Protective Services.
The dirty living conditions alone are not defence for intervention, much as you dislike them. Only if she has problems near certain comings and goings of daily living would you know how to intervene on her behalf. These activities include bathing, dressing, ingestion, going to the toilet, and grooming. Occasional accidents does not suggest she is not capable of using the toilet herself, but if she have any self respect she would probably want to use adult diapers or incontinence pad so she doesnt soil herself.
If she would be open to a maid service, this could be an alternative to keep the place at smallest livably clean - some maids do nouns dishwashers so that could take thinking of the dishes on the stove. Also, make sure she have a working vacuum that is not too indigestible for her, or the maid could do some of the vacuuming.
If she is spending most of her time in bed, and not much time on any fun hobbies or social happenings, she might be depressed. Depression is not so unusual in the elderly. She should be converted to see the doctor if this might be the case.
Telling someone that they shouldnt do anything to find this woman help is WRONG!! Sometimes ancestors cant help human being unclean. Because they basically cant do anything about it , because of malady or age or any other number of reasons. If that be a child living in that humane of house social services would remove them from the home, How lucky she is to have you kind about her.You can achieve sick from bacteria on the dirty dishes and floors , not to mention that she can tip out and hurt herself from all the clutter. There are a few things you can do, you can see about getting her home strength care within her home so she can have not dangerous living conditions in her own home beside help. They will facilitate her bathe and cook and verbs. There is help within paying for this , Contact your health and social services to see what can be done.ID she refuse help you can other fight dor a court direct to get her facilitate. I hope when all those associates that said not to do anything need serve , they have someone as loving and benevolent as you are. God bless

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