Allergies to fruit and vegetable skins/peels with the sole purpose?

I seem to be mildly allergic to constant fruit and vegetables, but only the skins. Canned, peel, or cooked I have no reaction at all (with one exception below). Raw apples, plums, and pears irritate my gums and mouth even when I wash them thoroughly. When I skin potatoes I sneeze and get a runny feeler. Eating raw potato even short the skin also irritates the back of my throat but not my oral cavity and gums like apples and pears do. (A little brackish on raw potato taste pretty good!) I simply generally avoid intake these items, but I hate to not drink them at all. The symptoms usually subside after a partly hour or a little more.
I purely didn't know if this is very adjectives or a sign of something more serious I might not be aware of. Does anyone else have this same entity? I hate popping antihistamines for everything but I might hold to try that.

This is called Oral Allergy Syndrome, or OAS. With this syndrome, cooking reduce the proteins that cause your allergic allergic reaction. Please read the following for a list of foods you may be allergic to:

If a food cause discomfort, USE CAUTION. This mild allergic reaction you are experiencing may suddenly become anaphylaxis, which is poisonous. The more allergic reactions you hold, the more likely the subsequent one will be anaphylaxis.

Regarding eating untouched potatoes, raw potatoes contain a toxin call glycoalkaloid. This toxin may make you slightly not a hundred percent.
Like the previous person said, this is oral allergy syndrome. Good luck.
Yes, it is oral allergy syndrome. I used to hold it too. It is linked near pollen allergies. After I was on allergy desensitation shots for five years, my allergy to fresh fruits and vegetables went away.

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