Why are my muscles getting more jumbled this long after an auto happenstance?

The accident be in February. I be in rough shape for a bit, but have been on the road to recovery slowly but surely through physical therapy, mould, and chiropractic care. At this point my muscles (sometimes adjectives over my body, sometimes just contained by my shoulders, neck, rear legs, hips, and butt) are very anxious, and activity seem to make it worse to some extent than better, even though everyone keeps relating me it should. I tried yoga a few weeks ago... nothing crazy, merely gentle beginner's stuff that I'd done close to a dozen times before the luck, and I was contained by pain for days afterwords. I go swimming for an hour or two yesterday, and today the muscles all over my body are extremely stiff. Today my massage analyst couldn't get most of the taut muscles to let be in motion. Even just spending greatly of the day moving around short working out or heavy lifting make me drained and tense the subsequent day.

The fluke really wasn't even that bad. :-S

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Yes, its because of too much exercise your muscle become tense and stiff. Allow your body to relaxed a bit for three days next to gentle squeeze on the affected nouns, slowly the stiffness will dissappear.

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