Is it typical to own 4 or 5 bowel movements a light of day?it seem everytime i munch through i own to use the bathroom.?

If you also are loosing weight because you are not getting any nutrition from your food, own your thyroid levels checked. That is exactly what happen to my husband and it turned out he has Graves disease (hyperthyroidism).
No to be exact not normal.
Yes it is typical, some people don't shift that much and you can tell. If you drink lots of wet and eat sound you will go more than that.
yes, indeed that's the aspiration most people are wanting to bring about. share what it is that you're eating or doing to find there so that we can. 'cause most of us of consipated.
no thats not at adjectives normal.please call round a gastroenterologist for proper guidance.
a healthy bowel beside 'work' about a partly an hour or so after eating.. if you are goiung more regularly look at whether it is hard, loose and look at the colour..

if you drink alot you will run more often the subsequent day - but thats not perfect.

maybe you should look at irritable Bowell Syndrome or conceivably you are intolerant to the foods you are eating. turn to a nutrionist and suss yourself out. they do wonders!!
I don't think it is regular, but a doctor could tell you better. A lot of other factor play into that as well, bulk, stool texture, etc... you haven't given much information for people to step by.
I believe Dr. Oz on Oprah said that it was honourable to have bowel movements several times a sunshine go to her trellis site and watch Dr. Oz okay well brought-up luck

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