Albuterol Alternative?

I was prescribed albuterol, and I have the horrbible side effects of rapid hearbeat, and nausea. It be awful.
Are there any asthma meds that DON'T basis this?

I have tachycardia and PVC's (an irregular heartbeat that's too fast), and I hold asthma. I take albuterol (because i can't afford advair) but albuterol cause my heart to race ( resembling 190-210 beats a minute).

There ARE medication that can be used instead of albuterol that will lower the need for albuterol -- some of these medication are advair, beclovent, and azmacort. Long-lasting inhalers.

Short-term inhalers such as albuterol, metoproterenol., and pirbuterol all hold a risk of increasing the heart-rate, it's because of the way that they work within the heart and lungs. Using one of the long-acting inhalers will decrease your necessitate for the rapid acting inhalers, and thus dwindling the side effects.

Another option is to put in a medication called a beta-blocker to your treatment regimen . . . but, there's a problem.

Medicines resembling albuterol help the "beta's" because when the 'beta's" are help, we breathe more easily (but, our heart-rate go up, too).

If you add a beta-blocker (like a low dose of metoprolol) it routine that your albuterol will be less successful . . . and your asthma may get worse (because beta-blockers block the "beta's" . . .and the "beta's" support us to breathe more easily).
yes there is a medication called Xopenex (from Sepracor) which comes as an inhaler or surrounded by a nebulizer solution- the generic name is Leva-albuterol- (the right side of albuterol)- have all the effects lacking the side effects. Ask your MD for a prescription -he may even be able to seize samples for you
I use Spiriva as a once a year med, with albuterol as a rescue med ( Like 2 times within the last 4 months)

I have trouble with Xopenex, Combivent, Flovent , Atrovent

I use asmenex as my steroid

Just a different set of stuff
Yah, in actuality I just complained to my doctor in the order of the same point. (I told her I won't take it because it make me so shaky) She told me that with my heart condition, I should not be on albuterol because of the nippy heart beat it cause. She prescribed Xopenex. I ised it a few times so far, and it does not have the fearful side effects.

Also, I noticed that if I give somebody a lift albuterol through a nebulizer, the side effects aren't as bad. I don't especially similar to doing the "neb" though.
Xopenex is an alternative bronchodilator medication that is suppose to hold less cardiac side effects than Albuterol. It is more expensive though but it is not to be taken as normally as Albuterol so it all evens out surrounded by the end if used correctly. You might also want to try using an Advair MDI, which is a twice a morning inhaler. It is a combination of Serevent (which is a long acting time released bronchodilator) and Flovent (an inhaled steroid that helps prevent inflammation from occurring). With the regular use of Advair, most asthma sufferers find that they do not entail to use their rescue meds (Albuterol or Xopenex) as often. I hope this help.

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