A couple of "questions"?

These questions are something like family existence, some sort

1.) If 2 gays have anal sex (butt type) and neither hold AIDS or HIV, can they still get AIDS or HIV?

2.) What is the difference between STDS, AIDS and HIV

3.) If 2 gays enjoy sex and than one gay has sex next to a women. Is the gay who had sex beside a women still treadted gay or straight?

thanks for answerin! jus have tehse quesions at mind

1. no. they will not. they can't contract a disease that neither one has. it's approaching kissing someone who isn't sick. you won't get sick..because they're not sick.so there's nil to get sick from.

2. STD's are adjectives different types of diseases contracted sexually. HIV is a virus that can be an STD...and t he progression of HIV into a later state is AIDS.

3. it depends on what he considers himself. he might own decided he doesn't really approaching men. maybe he be experimenting or something. or maybe he get drunk and had sex beside the woman, and is still gay. i dunno. it depends on the situation
AIDS and HIV are forms of STDS. They could get a type of STD, but if neither are effect they won't get AIDS/HIV.
1. No. The notion of spontaneous generation is limp. You can't give what you don't own.

2. HIV is the virus that destroys T cells. When a forgiving has a T cell count of smaller quantity than 500, the patient is classified as have AIDS. Therefore HIV causes AIDS.

Other STD's can be cause by different viruses (Herpes, HPV) or bacterial (chlamydia, gonorrhea, etc.) Bacterial STD's can be cured, viral STD's cannot. An STD is typically any disorder acquired through sexual entertainment..

3. The jury is out on the Kinsey scale, but collectively someone who has intercourse near both sexes is considered bisexual.
1.If they are both HIV negative consequently no they can not get it. But if one have it he will pass it to the other.

2.HIV & AIDS are types of STD's the others are Syphllis, Chlamydia,gohnorrea,tricamonas...

3 Bi-Sexual

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