After-waxing give somebody the third degree.?

Its my first time to wax my legs an hour ago...I went to the salon logically..(just to make sure)

is it run of the mill to have some red dots on my legs??
Is it because my legs are impracticable to waxing??

will it blotch though?

Don't know about 'normal', but it happen a lot. Don't verbs, it should go away contained by a day or so.
I wax my legs for the first time a couple of days ago... Yes, Its majority to have red spots its not because ur legs are impracticable to it.. its cuz some hair are a bit longer next others and when u wax it tears the hair and the littlle bumps appears.. it wont defacement it goes away the subsequent day or so..

Enjoty ur soft legs!!

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