How to for always seize rid of wheezing ?

is there some specific diet that should be avoided or something close to some breathing exercise.
please help

Please dispatch me the detailed report of yours or try to chat with me within msn I will help you to find out of your problem .
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thank u
Dr. Sripriya BHMS.
A review of your asthma medication and how often you lug it is needed, if you don't take any for it receive checked out ventolin usually helps the airways, swimming seem to aggravate the situation.
Al though, there is no beyond repair cure has be discovered,lot of measures found to be effective for controlling wheezing.Breathing exercises are potent but ,not to be aggressive.
Measures such as cessation of smoking, avoiding pollens,and certain types of foods(it may change person to person) and even avoiding taking in no doubt type of drugs eg;Atenalol all to be considered.Make sure, you stick beside the prescription from your doctor and adhere to his advocate.

Try to identify factors that will probable to trigger( it is totally different from person to person) wheezing and without risk avoid such factors.Activities resembling swimming,excessive laughing,any emotional episodes,and even sex are found to be the precipitating factor.So, have a proper approach.Take charge.
OK there are things that can be done to decrease or get rid of wheezing but if it is related to asthma later i wheezing is a sign that things are being resourcefully controlled and that you probably need to see a doctor who may adapt or add within medications or if wheezing is more sudden afterwards i would go to the hospital it conceivably the start of an attack.
If you are asthmatic then using your blue reliever inhaler will oblige 'open' up the airways and get rid of the wheezing.
There are breathing technique that you can use:
- breathe in for 10 sec ... hold for 10sec .. later blow out for 10 sec ... if you cant manage 10sec afterwards try 5!
- blowing bubbles or balloons help to use your airways ans strengthen them
- buteyko breathing - see for more info
- yoga is a great wa to incoperate excercis that help to controll breathing - this is a article something like breathing techniques and asthma
Consult a homeopathy doctor who will treat you constitutionally.

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