After I kiss my girl friend`s maw?

After I kissed my girl friend`s lower lip, part of the lip become darken. It can see any one. After two days it obtain normal color.
Is nearby any problem with my saliva? I can not deduce what is going on??

Don't think it's get to do with her mortal allergic to you. Might be that your sucking on her lips next to causes a flush (in her neck you would appointment it a love-bite or commonly known as a hickey). If your not sucking on her, boy you've get problems. Just joking. Maybe she's of late so in to you.. :)
I enjoy no idea, but that sounds wicked... sorry!!

Stop making out and sucking on jolly ranchers :-)
Whose lip turned murky?
your probably allergy to your girlfriend
no problem with your saliva but some problem next to your girl friend's lips. both of you try to consult a doctor.

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