If you are allergic to dogs or cats. Can you develop an imperviousness to these allergies given prolonged exposure?

when i was young at heart i took allergy shots to develop a tolerance to corn. if you suffer though being around an animal you are allergic to long adequate can you build a tolerance

in adults, it is usually prolonged exposure that cause the allergy. In children because their auto immune system is not fully developed, the desensitizing shots can do some good. But contained by most adults desensitizing shots are no longer rec commended because they worsen the problem in a seasoned immune system.
yes in controlled doses.
I don't devise so...not that I know of, at least I hold not been that lucky. In reality, my allergy to cats has become worse over times gone by few years. I don't know this for sure, but I have purely never heard of it human being possible. But you never know...perhaps i.e. how they create the allergy shots for people...but I never get the shots...I just rob prescription.

I do have to supply, however, that my husband received allergy shots for poison ivy when he was younger, and he be told it would make him any immune to it, or not get much of a recoil at all.very well, he get's it worse than ever. Yet, results are most likely base on each individuals body chemistry. You may hold different results with the shots.
depends...my mother made me put away honey when I was a kid...presently I'm allergic to bees AND honey...
I lived around dogs and was never allergic...
but since I haven't have one for many yrs, very soon I can't touch them.
I've had ferret for 17 yrs...I'm still allergic. ( I must wash my hand 20 million times a day, not to mention taking allergy meds so I can maintain my fuzzies)
So if you think you can...try it..but don't be surprised if it doesn't work.
In controlled doses near the allergy shots, yes.. I was on allergy shots for several allergies, including cats for roughly speaking two years. I had to quit taking them just about 2 yrs ago because I no longer had condition insurance.

The shots actually help me a lot when I be taking them. I was also on Zyrtec D and some trunk spray crap. I still take the Zyrtec. But I notice a huge difference in my allergies after going rotten them. As of now I can't be surrounded by a room that has indoor cats within it for more than 5 mins. When I was on the shot I have a part indoor cat that slept contained by my bed.
I have never hear of that before. I don't focus so.
For some reason and I don't know why, but I am not allergic to absolute types of cats. Even though I have every allergy agreed to mankind. If I get the cat as a kitten - usually a short hackle tabby and I keep them inside the house they do not bother me. However, I can be in motion to someone's house that has a cat or dog and own a full blown allergy and asthma attack. So I guess you would say I own been competent to have cats adjectives my life, but I other got them as kittens and they hold always be short hair tabby.

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