A friend of mine is going through chemo but...?

She was rushed to hospital over the weekend next to a kidney infection. The docs say she is responding to treatment but this will rearrangement her chemo treatment and will be few days before we know weather her infection is underneath control. I went to see her yesterday and she looks really impossible and is very frail. Will she pull through or is it going to be simply too much for her already tenancy body to cope with? No horrible answers please as i am very close to my friend. I have need of to know so i can prepare myself and she also has a 2 year frail daughter if it is bad word how do you tell a 2 year ancient her mother is dying? Thank you all for answering this difficult ask.

My heart goes out to your friend who is so in poor health and yourself. i know it is so painful to keep watch on someone you love become so ill.
It is difficult to relate if this is the end or not. Depends how discouraging the kidney infection is and how advanced the cancer is.they are probably delaying chemo becuase her imperviousness is already low with the infection contained by her body. Only time will tell i am afraid. It is other difficult when i am asked how long is someone going to live when they are diagnosed with cancer. It is resembling asking how long is a piece of string. Only God knows.
Your friend will look sick at the mo having a kidney infection and going through chemo.
I am not sure how doomed to failure your friends cancer is? Many people survive cancer next to chemo etc. I don;t want to give you false hope but your friend may rest from the infection and then restart the chemo. Only the doctors will know. hold you spoken with the subsequent of kin of your friend as the docs would have told them.
I imagine helping someone with cancer is stressful for a loved one and friend and you may economically benefit from contacting cancer reaearch UK who may be able to make a contribution you further info. Also if you are finding this really hard to come to jargon with...next maybe you could benefit from some counselling? I singular say that as I am a nurse and can see what stress relatives friends etc shift through as well as the merciful. Also my sister had cancer...and survived but at the time she be ill it did lift its toll on me and I had some counselling which help.
It is so different nursing a patient to a domestic member. You charge a whole lot next to a patient but when its line it just hurts more.

Cavorim = I agree that the father will make clear to the 2 year old if the mummy pass away BUT don not underestimate a child losing a parent! Even 2 year olds feel the non-attendance of a parent! trust me!

I hope no-one gives you any horrible bad answers.
She is in the best place, anyone in hospital they can hang on to an eye on her and administer any treatment or drugs she needs. You will merely need to lurk to see how things go next to her. Be a good friend, call on and talk to her and rob things for her to do while she's stuck in hospital. Is nearby a support worker at the hospital you could talk to? Perhaps they hold some leaflets at the hospital that will help you come to vocabulary with things. Good luck and try to remain strong and positive for your friend.
I am sorry I don't hold the answer contact Macmillan as they have a helpline number, they will be capable of give you some recommend support, There is also a formun (killing Cancer) haven't go the links to paw, I will get them and come stern and edit.

I really sympathise - my dad have a Spine tumour and was due chemo a few weeks rear and got a chest infection, so presently the dr's are saying they might not do Chemo - its amazingly, very worrying. Hopefully once the infection is treated they'll be capable of resume treatment

Macmillian helpline 0808 8082020
Kidney infections make nation look dreadful, I had one and looked awful, so I wouldnt verbs too much about how she looks. You dont enunciate what type of cancer she has or how advanced, so not natural to judge if she will attain through it.

As for the 2 year old, I would only say her mummy is not economically wouldnt actually use the word dying as she wont know what specifically anyway.
If you are really concerned about your friend the just people who can share you about her condition are her doctors and I guess they musthave spoken to her subsequent of kin. Unless it is going to be your job to make clear to the two year old I would not verbs about it and anyway she won't recognize and will quickly obtain used to new circumstances.
Nobody know what the outcome will be - it is out of everyone's hand. I am sure that they will give her the best possible treatment to return with her through as best they can. All you can do is hope and pray for the best outcome.

Infections always hitch chemotherapy as it depletes the immune system. You have to permit the immune system recover so that it can start aggression the infection. Once this has be tackled and she is clear of infection, afterwards the chemo can start again.

Complementary and Alternative Medicine can often abet people beside chemo, in that it help support the immune system so that it recovers more without delay. However, you do need to want advice from an experienced practitioner.

Don't make available up hope - the body is often abundantly stronger than it seems - and she may surprise you adjectives. People often look worse than they in fact are - so keep thinking positive.

I hope things work out - if nearby is anything more I can do please let me know.
resourcefully i heare chemo can be bad it can affect everypart of its body please dispatch me an email on dis girly_power_fire@yahoo.co.uk

becuase once 1 of my family memeber have chemo i can telll u all going on for it there is my email thank u and dont woryy at hand do be 5o% chance
simply pray for your friend. always share her that you will get throught this toghether and that you will other be there for her no event what. as for her daughter... i think the singular way to notify her is sooner than later so that she doesnt wonder what have happened to her mother. hopefuly in that will be a miracle in this
oh, this is a touchy subject. Its thorny to tell near chemo. Chemo actually make you sick. so, not taking it you make look better and in fact not be getting better. Don't remnant anything on how she looks. As for the 2 year old, does the child own the father in his/her go? A child needs love alot of it . By your query i can see you love the child alot, so you are already helping
She will be fine, just support her beside positive thoughts! I work with cancer children and make available them Reiki and juice to sustain theirs immune system:
Juice for anemia, depression, immune system and to nourish to population with cancer and chemotherapy: 1 cup of alfalfa, 1 watercress cup, 1 green apple, 3 carrot, 1/2 beet, 7 almonds and 5 nuts. It is liquefied and drunken immediately. 1 or 2 times to the daylight.

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