16 weeks near pleuricy?

Woke up 4:30am this morning and had extream cheast torment still had it this morning and go to docs and he said i have pleuricy, he checked my chest and said i enjoy to use cold compacts and take pannadien, i did and still get pain he said if its still in that tonight then i should dance for an ECG scan and blood tests, freshly want to know if it can harm my toddler and should i get a second appion. appreciation

It is always a harmonizing act when you catch sick while pregnant. You worry just about the tests and treatment harm the baby...and you verbs about the malady harming the infant if you do nothing.

I'm not sure what you be a sign of by "ECG scan." An ECG is not going to harm the infant at all, but it is not usually call a scan. A CT scan, however, has abundantly of radiation, which is potentially a problem for the baby. Chest x-rays enjoy a lot smaller number radiation, but they don't give doctors as much information. An MRI scan should not be as much of a problem for the babe-in-arms because there's no radiation, but the radiologist would know for sure. I don't know what kind of scan you are chitchat about, but I of late thought I would mention the radiation issue so that you can talk to your doctor almost it. If your doctor is in doubt give or take a few the effect of any test or treatment on your child, you can always ask your obstetrician.

I hope your doctor is competent to find out what is going on and I hope you feel better soon.
its newly an infection in the facing of the lungs, hurts like hell!! and it will for a while. not much you can do. ecgs are not scan, all they do is place electrodes on your chest and it capture your heart rhythm, nothing to do next to radiation or anything bad for your little one.

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