A Brain Tumour problem, can anyone assistance?

A friend I am caring for have Glioblasto Multiforme, which is hugely aggressive - he has have 6 weeks of Radio Therapy, we have only just finished with the steroids and hold only a mood leveling pill Olanzapine. He have recently taken to his bed, it is winter here contained by New Zealand. he slept alot, stopped eating and drinking, I could not gain him to take his drug, he has thrush on his tongue because of withdrawal of food and water etc, does anyone know of particular recipes of foods which may be appetising to a cancer long-suffering? The tumour he has is on the Left Temporal lobe - this subdivision of your brain is responsible for movement, emotions and logic & reasoning, his mental state regresses to one of a 10 year antiquated child at times? Please can anyone help? Please discern free to share your experiences...

My wife had brain tumors and much of the treatments that you described. The thrush is from the radiation treatments as I retract. Her appetite went to nought. She had to be tube feed for the last 14 months of her go. At the end she be only consuming one can per daylight of the feeding solution. She should hold been consuming six can for normal nutrition.

I suspect that he is aware of his condition and aware of his prognosis. His unwillingness to thieve part within his own treatment is actually his intention. I estimate that he has standard that he is going to die and soon. I cried when my wife resisted eating. I be selfish. I needed her to stay alive as long as possible, but life for her be unbearable agony.

Be his friend. Make sure that you inform him how you feel in the region of him, regret is timeless. I am very glad that I told my wife how much I loved her and why. God bless you both and right luck.
I would have to say aloud call his doctor and put in the picture them that he needs to enjoy a tube put in his stomach so he can receive his nutrients that way. He requests water soon...he can take dehydrated swiftly. I think it is serious especially since his body is not within the best of conditions. Ask the doctors about a feed tube. its not bad. It could stockpile his life.
I have a friend with terminal breast cancer also surrounded by a much reduced infantile state. She would eat thoroughly cold yogurt, ice cream, cold puddings (we could crumble some vitamins within some of this). we just have to experiment & try many different things. Since she wouldn't chomp through much each time we would nurture her every hour or so. It is really heart breaking, I am sorry
hi...I don't know of any recipes or foods except for perchance some soup.perhaps he could chomp through that. the tumor is causing him to deed that way so at hand may be nothing you can do to formulate him realize he needs to drink and take his medication.i really don't know what other advice I can confer you, but I will keep you and your friend contained by my prayers...i'm sorry I couldn't be any help..

God Bless.
my bil is going through like peas in a pod thing near glioblastoma.
he had surgury on his gone frontal lobe and they were competent to resect 95% of the tumor.
he is still going through radiation. will be completed by July 9th. he just finished his 1st dosage of 42 days straight of chemo. he will own another mri 2 weeks after radiation is complete. I am sure his chemo dosage will be higher..
he have his good days and his discouraging days.. some days he will eat plenty while others he really won't drink.
maybe extend him soups, jellos, anything that is fluffy.
also it all depends on him.. he HAS to scuffle this beast surrounded by order to win the dispute.. you need to motivate him.
my bil is not like person he be before surgery.
he seem to still need give support to with some things. you hold to teach them again.. hopefully they will procure through it.
just keep hold of praying..
good luck.

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